Evolution Karate Academy - Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers 



As a parent/carer of a child studying with Evolution Karate Academy we would like you to: 

  • Make sure your child has the right kit for the session as well as enough to drink 

  • Make sure your child trains consistently, arrives to sessions on time and is picked up promptly. Always let us know if your child is going home with someone else 

  • Complete all consent, contact and medical forms and update us straight away if anything changes 

  • Speak to us about your child’s progress or any concerns you may have – We want to hear from you 

  • Remember that children get a wide range of benefits from participating in sport, like making friends, getting exercise and developing confidence and skills. It is not all about wins, losses medals and grades. 

  • Behave positively during competitions or training sessions – show encouragement and let your children know you are proud of what they are doing. 

  • Encourage your child to play by the rules, embrace good etiquette and sportsmanship and accept the judgement of officials with good grace. 

  • Ensure your child understands their code of conduct.


As a parent/Carer of a child studying with Evolution Karate Academy we understand you have the right to: 

  • Be assured your child is safeguarded during their time with us 

  • See any of our policies and procedures at any time 

  • Know who the Safeguarding Officer responsible for your child is and have their contact details 

  • Know what qualifications and training background we have 

  • Know what happens if there is an accident or injury and be informed if your child is injured 

  • Have any concerns about any aspect of your child’s welfare listened to 


We expect all parents/carers to follow this code of conduct. If any parent/carer behaves in a way that contradicts any of these points, we will address the problem straight away and aim to resolve the issue. 






(Last Reviewed December 2019)


Leonie Kersey







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